Somers House, Linkfield Corner,
Redhill, RH1 1BB

Treatments Offered

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Treatments offered at RandR Physiotherapy Clinic include:



Joint mobilisation – gentle gliding of the joints in the body along the lines of normal movement to increase the range of movement. Good for treating stiffness due to arthritis, sprains following injury or post operative conditions



Joint manipulation – strong manipulation of a joint to release stiffness in joints of the spine. Good for all spinal problems except prolapsed discs (slipped discs) and very arthritis joints. Not appropriate if osteoporosis is present



Soft tissue massage – gentle to strong massage of muscles, tendons and ligaments to increase tissue length, increase blood flow and release knots and tension. Good for all muscle strains, stress / tension pain and tendon problems such as Achilles pain



Ultrasound – a high frequency sound wave treatment that improves natural healing. Helps significantly with muscles/joints/tendons/ligaments that are inflamed and painful



Acupuncture – a treatment where needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points. Our therapists are qualified in treating pain using this technique



Rehabilitation – home exercise programmes are provided on a bespoke basis to maximise function for either injuries, return to sports or everyday function